Friday, October 28, 2011

Its Day 13...

...I have completely forgotten to take food photos! I have no photos this week (except for some pretty fall leaves photos).

Overall I am doing great on this new way of eating! I purchased the book "Primal Blueprint 21 day challenge." I guess it takes a full 21 days before you are more of a fat-burner than a sugar-burner. Maybe it even takes that long to lose weight? We will see. Last night I told Matt that this 30 days may just go on forever. After all, its a lifestyle, not a diet!

Don't worry everyone. I am not a crazy person. I will be eating pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving!

One suggestion in the Primal Blueprint book, is to take lots and lots of walks! Basically keep moving and don't sit around! This week that has been a goal of mine, and I took a walk at Green lake on Wednesday afternoon and again with Matty last night after dinner. Its been very relaxing.

This year we have had a gorgeous fall in Seattle. I have been LOVING all the pretty trees and changing colors. I took many cell photos at the Lake on Wednesday. Love having my phone with me as a quick camera.


  1. I love fall colors! Glad you're getting outside and enjoying fall. I need to do that.

  2. Love those leaves...better than food any day! So glad u r enjoying your " lifestyle". :)