Friday, November 4, 2011

Paleo Day 19

I have just finished day 19 on this crazy diet and I have only 11 more days to go! The first thing I will have on this day is DARK CHOCOLATE! I can't wait! As long as I get the really dark stuff, I will still be technically eating "Primal." So I think that's the first thing I will add into my diet. Not bad, eh?

This way of eating has really been awesome. I have had several opportunities to eat at other people's houses and I have always made it work. Sometimes I have to fudge it just a little. For example, today a friend fed me some yummy tomato soup made with coconut milk, and after trying it I was pretty sure that it had sugar in it. Oh well! It wont kill me.

I have still been taking an inordinate am0unt of tree photos. Can't get enough. Here are my favorite trees at Green lake. See them there across the water?
One more photo I will share. My friend Renae came to visit me this weekend and she posted a picture of me on her blog, taking a picture of her. (Isn't she a great photographer?)

Here is the picture from the other direction. Photography not so awesome...I was trying a new manual focus lens that I was terrible at using. (But I like her pretty fingernails!)
Well that's all for today...a bit of a random post! Eleven days until dark chocolate! Can't wait!


  1. You look so cute! I love those trees....beautiful. So glad you are feeling so well on your diet. I can really tell ....your face shines in your photos. We are what we eat!

  2. That was fun hanging out, figuring out how to use our cameras :) Love those trees at Greenlake! So pretty!