Monday, November 21, 2011

An Adventurous Weekend!

I was so glad to have a really fun weekend! Lately we have been staying home a lot on the weekends, partly due to my strict diet, and partly due to budget constraints. It was worth spending a little money because we had so much fun!

Friday night we went to the new Twilight movie with Josh & Ellen. We really liked the show, and its always a fun adventure to see a movie on opening night.

Saturday started out with some productivity. We hung pictures, did laundry and took a load to good will. Flash had fun while we worked:

We went over to Bob and Annie's to help Bob finish the Kitchen floor. When I arrived I found a package from UPS! I received the winnings from my very first blog give-away! So I took a picture of course:

We went shopping at Central Market and I bought a coconut! It was quite the adventure trying to crack it open!

Later I made dinner for Matt and I. We were so bored being at home, so we decided to meet Peter at Joey for appetizers (since we had already eaten!) It was so nice to get out! I photographed my food of course. I got the wedge salad and left off the dressing:

On Sunday Matty had a great idea to go on drive up in Bellingham. There is a really beautiful road called Chuckanut Drive. We stopped in Lynnwood at Goodwill and bought an ugly sweater for Matt for Thanksgiving Day! I have a picture, but I will show it later!

Josh and Ellen came with us on our little adventure. We got to stop at a scenic viewpoint and take pictures:

We finally arrived at the cute little town of Fairhaven and got a bite to eat. We found a cute little restaurant! Here we are waiting for our table...

And of course another food bun-less sauce-less burger! It was yummy but the coleslaw made me feel a little sick.

The weekend would not have been complete without a few cupcakes! I enjoyed the cupcake photography and everyone else enjoyed eating the cupcakes. They were SO cute and I am sure completely delicious!

Well that's all for now! I will have some more Paleo food photos coming soon!


  1. The picture of flash in the brown paper bag is so adorable!

  2. Great pictures! Love that you won scrap treats...they fit your paleo diet;). The cupcakes also look yummy. Glad you had a fun weekend! Enjoy thanksgiving. We will miss you! Lubm

  3. Those cupcakes look delicious! Looks like a fun weekend!!