Wednesday, November 23, 2011


My favorite holiday is almost upon us! I am up a little too late because I have to get up bright and early to start COOKING! I tried to cook a bunch today, but really everything is pretty much last minute. Never-the-less, I made a big mess in the kitchen!

Today I made a paleo pumpkin pie!

I made some cranberry sauce (also Paleo.)

I made blueberry salad, which was Matt's request. We learned about it last year from Josie. Its NOT Paleo, but is delicious!

I made some pumpkin pie cups to bring to Matt's work today!

I also reorganized the living room to make room for everyone. This photo explains why I will not be washing or setting the table until tomorrow!

Tomorrow will be so much fun...I can't wait! I am trying to take photos of course, but also incorporate a little video this year which is something new.

More photos to come!


  1. I am so glad you are having fun!!! Enjoy. Last year you kids were off shopping those black Friday sales about this time. It is early Friday morning. I am looking at orange walls here that we painted yesterday. The color isn't right...I am hoping in better light I will like the sun kissed apricot. How I will make it work? maybe some sales shopping will help. Or maybe I will mysteriously change the color :). We will see. Lubm