Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Paleo Update

I think its high time for a Paleo Diet update! Its actually Day 32 over here, and I have some good and bad news! I guess we will do the bad news first.

I went to see my trainer at the gym today and she weighed me...I have gained SIX POUNDS in the last two weeks! Of course I had a mental break down and almost left the gym immediately! I mean, come on? Six pounds? I am not that big, so six pounds is A LOT to gain and call it a "fluctuation." At this point, for my sanity sake, I am blaming it on the scale. I have only weighed myself once on that scale back in January and I had gained 5 pounds in a week. Then Christina weighed me two weeks ago, and again today. SIX POUNDS IN TWO WEEKS!!!

It may have had something to do with day 28 when I was tempted and succumbed to one of these....

And then on Day 29 Matty and I did some "Primal" indulging...

Well, I guess its high time for a little good news! This could be bad news too, not sure! The good news is, I LOVE THIS DIET! I love the way I feel (not hungry) and the food is delicious! (This is only bad news if it makes me gain another six pounds...that would be BAD!!!)

I bought a cook book yesterday! Love this book!

I am planning my Paleo Thanksgiving! (Using a lot of those recipes!)

I found an awesome Paleo food blog! NomNomPaleo

These are all good things. Hopefully Day 32 and beyond will improve this sad six pound situation. If not, I may become super-size Jenn.

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  1. Jenn...go by how you feel!!! Our bodies know best. You look awesome in recent photos on your blog. A healthy glow!!! STAY AWAY FROM SCALES. If your clothes get tight, cut back a bit. Scales r not the best way to show success!