Saturday, November 26, 2011

Another Amazing Holiday

My favorite holiday came and went to quickly this year! It may have had something to do with all the food I prepared and the many, many dishes that I washed. Those things made the day just fly by!

My husband Matty helped me with the turkey because all the giblets really gross me out. Flash and Leo got to meet the turkey (but no touching of course!!!)

I like things to look pretty on Thanksgiving! I made some fancy napkin holders and everyone got to use a unique glass. (Perfect since I don't have ACTUAL fancy glasses.)

I didn't get very many photos of my guests this year, nor any epic photos of the turkey or the spread of food. Still, I think its more important to enjoy the day than to obsess about photography!

We went to Josh & Ellen's for dessert.

The boys had a little ugly sweater contest, complete with a mustache from Josh! We may have a clear winner here!

I wore my turkey earrings:

A really fun time was had by all! Here we are all playing mafia!

And it would not be Thanksgiving without a few leftovers...

It was a wonderful holiday! I am so glad I got to spend so much time eating delicious food with some of my favorite people in the world.

Now less than 24 hours before I kill myself in a half marathon! Update coming soon...


  1. What a lovely meal and awesome family and friends!

  2. Looks like a good time! Nice pictures!

  3. Aww that looks super fun. I'm way jealous!