Sunday, October 28, 2012

The One with Photos of Home...volume 2

So I am thinking that once a week I will upload some around the house photos. This week they weren't very exciting, but I'm sharing just the same! I will keep trying to improve my photography and come up with interesting things to take pictures of.

We still have pumpkins still brightening up our dining room...
 Evidence of my newly painted nails. I really like this color and so far three days later it hasn't chipped!!
 Flashy has spent most of the week curled up in his favorite chair. Even when he's healthy, he LOVES this chair. Any time anyone gets off the chair, it only takes minutes for him to steal the seat.
 Here is part of my mantle. The only new thing is that I have added the corks to the clear vase. I want to collect enough so that I can make something cool. Until then, here they sit!
 Pretty fresh flowers from TJ's! I love having brightly colored flowers in the house.
 Evidence of Matty's pistachio eating habit. These are his favorite! And there's his blue light in the background. That thing is super helpful in the fall months as we are losing more and more daylight.
 And here is a lovely bathroom shot! Why not? That low flat jar is my coconut oil body butter. That stuff is from Trader Joe's and its INCREDIBLE!!
So there ya go...just some everyday photos of home. Again, hopefully next week photos will be more exciting. I will certainly try!!


  1. I've been using our blue light again too. I probably owe you some wine corks... I think I got those same flowers from TJs. Its nice having "living" things in the house.

  2. Perfect everyday shots! Love seeing your "collections" on your mantle. We are hoping TJ's opens a store below us!