Saturday, October 27, 2012

The One with a One-Eyed Cat

No worries...there are no scary photos in this post! I just wanted to quickly update my many readers about poor Flash and his little surgery from Monday.

We love Flash. We want him to be a happy cat. There was so much pressure from glaucoma in his left eye that it had to be removed. We are very sad now, because he only has one eye. He seems comfortable, albeit completely lazy and sleepy. We still love him and think he's super cute, although right now I'm always sad to look at him. The left side of his face has been shaved, and I think when that grows back he will look much better.

This photo is the last photo of Flash before surgery. We were giving Flashy lots of love! Peter and Hannah have been over a lot this week, which has been really nice and comforting.

Hopefully he will heal well! I think I will wait until then to take any post-surgery photographs.

If you have a cat, give him or her a hug today. :)


  1. Give Flash a hug from me. I told Mal all about his poor uncle Flash. Sending hugs and kisses Flash's way. Hope he feels better soon!