Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Currently....October 2012 edition

 (This post is inspired by Elise, my favorite blogger. I've done this before, but its been awhile!)


Eating...a super ripe peach.

Running...Faster and Longer. Half marathon in one and a half weeks.

Wearing...My favorite LuluLemon work out clothes.

Loving...Wednesday boot camp. My favorite class in all the world. nothing. There is silence in my house right now, which is really, really nice.

Reading...part way through the "China Study." A Pro-Vegan book. As a mostly Paleo eater, this I'm sure is very odd. But I like to be well informed on all fronts.

Taking...vitamins every day. Go me!

Sleeping...not so well lately. kitty Flash will heal from surgery well and soon. (He had his eye removed on Monday. Poor little guy. He's been sleeping non stop! He still purrs when you pet him.)

Wishing...Matt would arrive home soon so he can tape up my wrist. Its hard to type. Its better, but not all the way.

Working...on getting my photos organized. I have so many photos from 2010 to 2012 that its getting rather ridiculous.

Feeling...hopeful and excited.


  1. Get well soon Flash!!
    Love your list :)

  2. Love your list. So sorry about flash. Keep purring buddy! LUBM