Sunday, November 4, 2012

The One with the Waffles

A friend and I decided to start a regular tradition of having breakfast together!! Now that she has a family its a bit harder to get together in the evenings. We are also trying to save money and not go out to eat very often. So cooking breakfast together on a Saturday seems like the perfect thing to continue on a regular basis. We are thinking maybe trying this once a month.

So we made waffles! Ellen cooked delicious eggs and bacon and made some waffles from Snoqualmie Falls Pancake Mix. They were great, but possibly not as good as home made. Probably a bit easier though, so that's fine! As we cooked we drank black drip coffee. Of course.

Next time we will have a little foresight and possibly make something a little more exotic. But the breakfast was delicious. It was so fun to hang out with friends and eat amazing food! Thanks Ellen for doing most of the cooking!!


  1. I'm not a big time breakfast lover, but I do love me some waffles! Fun post.

  2. Thanks for coming over!! I had so much fun---can't wait for next months breakfast!

  3. Who wants exotic for breakfast?! It looks so yummy!