Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The One with Thanksgiving Traditions

I have been realizing lately that I have a few personal traditions that surround this wonderful holiday of Thanksgiving. These are of course exclusive to the obvious ones, such as consuming a ridiculous amount of Turkey and pumpkin pie.

1) I run a lot. The past three years I have run the Seattle half marathon right after Thanksgiving. So right before it I am training a ton! This year I am not running since I did a race a couple of weeks ago. But I am still trying to keep up my mileage.

2) I start to think about things that I'm thankful for. This time of year is great for that. In the past I've usually made lists and scrapbook pages and blog posts. Here is a post from 2009 that I particularly like.

3) I drink lots of Thanksgiving blend coffee!

4) I play more games than usual. This started in 2009 with poker and every year around this time I get excited about playing games. When I was a kid, we used to play scrabble after Thanksgiving dinner.

5) I love watching Thanksgiving Friends episodes.

6) I make place tags for the table. This is one of my favorite Thanksgiving traditions. Here is a blog post from 2011 where you can see those place tags.

This year we are heading over to the East side for Thanksgiving! I am excited that I don't have to cook this year. I just get to eat!

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