Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The One with a New Health Plan

I need a plan!

I am getting fat and actually quite enjoying it. This time of year is famous for temptations....pumpkin spice lattes....cinnamon wine...chocolate covered pomegranate candies....scones....cookies....pumpkin pie. You name anything bad, I have been eating it!! Fall is the perfect time for comfort food, especially foods of the pumpkin variety. Paleo pumpkin muffins are my FAVORITE!!! (I will share my recipe soon...sorta forgot about doing that)

ANYWAY....I need a plan!!

So far I have decided to have a more concrete work out plan. I need to be careful and eat less junk food, but for now, I'm pretty convinced that's not going to happen. I just need to work out a little harder!

Here's my plan:
Monday: Gym workout/intervals 
Tuesday: Run six miles
Wednesday: Gym workout/intervals
Thursday: Run six miles
Friday: Gym work out/intervals
Saturday: Boot camp and/or running
Sunday: be active somehow.

I have already completed Monday through Wednesday, but we have yet to see whether or not I will repeat next week! I will be reporting back soon!!

(Notes: All instragram pics are pretty old. And yes I know that I use too many ..... and !!. But I am okay with that. For me, the more punctuation the better!!!!! )

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  1. Great plan. Exclamation points awesome, crutial, and cute! !!!!!