Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Today I am thankful for...

1. Hannah, who just helped me clean my house!
2. My new address labels which have snow men on them.
3. My kitty cat who is my shadow.
4. My nice clean towels.
5. Matty, who I miss since he is working nights this week.
6. Renae, who is visiting this weekend!
7. The fact that I have tomorrow morning off. :)
8. My ability to run around Lake Union today in a wind storm.
9. My scrapbook room, which I am always thankful for because I love it so much!
10. A warm condo to shield me from all the rain & wind.

Have a great Wednesday. The week is half over!


  1. I'm thankful I'm coming to visit too! I can't wait to see Leo too. I'm also thankful for sleeping at night and lattes!

  2. I am thankful your daddy got home safely and its another week before he leaves again! He has to work all weekend though. He says I can go with him to work!:) Enjoy your time with Renae! love, mom