Monday, November 9, 2009

I seem to be very tired on Mondays! Today it is because I think I hurt my shoulder and triceps playing skee ball on Saturday night. We went on a date to downtown Seattle! We had a nice dinner at the daily grill, went shopping at GAP and then spend a few hours at Gameworks. What fun was that, I hardly ever get to go out. Shopping was so fun because I had a $50 gift card and there was a 25% off sale on everything! I got three things and only spent $10!

Gameworks was fun. We played Skeeball the most because we got so many tickets. Matt was the best! We also played Plinko! That's the game where you use tokens to try to light up all the letters in Plinko and then the little scooter moves the tokens down and then some fall off and you get tickets! My favorite part was that I found lots of tokens hidden under the machine and I used a straw to get them out! It reminded me of the days of Kids play when James & I would do that exact thing! At the end of the night we turned in our tickets and we got a lava lamp and a daisy-duck-playing-tennis stuffed animal.

Well that's all for tonight. Like I said, I am exhausted from work today. I will try to upload some photos from our date later this week.


  1. Did you know I'm skee-ball champion of the world? That game is the best ever!

  2. Skee-ball is the game where you throw the little balls up a ramp and they have to land in certain rings. The larger, easier rings are less points and the tiny rings are more. It's really fun!