Thursday, November 12, 2009

Twelve reasons I am happy today

1. It is sunny outside!
2. I found my Chaco flip flops (they have been lost for a month)
3. My ring came back from the jewelers and it is SO sparkly!
4. I remembered to bring my reusable shopping bag to TJ's.
5. I worked out for an hour with my trainer this morning.
6. I got a little notebook from her to record my eating. Its so cute and fun!
7. I lost 1.75% body fat in the last 6 weeks.
8. I get to go to Chris's for the home meeting tonight. :)
9. Matt turned on the dryer this morning so I have fresh new scrubs to wear today.
10. Leo has been drinking water from his new fountain.
11. I got to go to my favorite store (TJs) and got lots of yummy food for only $32.
12. The sun is shining! (That counts for two.)


  1. Cute Jenn! Why was your ring at the jeweler's? Fun blog by the way. I like it.

  2. i think the sun shining can even count for 3

  3. No kidding... the sun is not shining here today. Your mom told me about a sale... could be dangerous, the one by her house is going out of business.

  4. Jenn, I think the sun shining in Seattle could count for 4 or 5!!! I am so happy you are happy. When we are happy, our heart is open to the Lord :) enjoy! mom