Monday, November 16, 2009

A new week

I feel pretty domestic today...after work I went to Trader Joe's for grocery shop and as I shopped I planned the meals for the week. ;)

Tonight I cooked! I made myself corn, edamame & peppers (frozen @ TJ's) and teriyaki turkey meatballs. I love how easy TJ's makes cooking. Perfect for a non-housewife housewife.

I am alone tonight because Matt is working late. So I am sitting here writing this and my kitty cat is trying to sit in my lap while I eat and type at the same time!

This morning I read two days of morning revival because I need to catch up! I am actually trying to finish both weeks this week so I wont feel lost at the prophesying meeting. The Lord was faithful to me today and I remembered to tell him I love Him at work.

That's all for tonight!


  1. Hope you have a good day at work! Thanks for the call yesterday!! We are coming over this weekend - its all straightened out.

  2. I like your kitty. You should come see how big Leroy is now.

  3. I love your blog :). Sounds like a wonderful day! The Lord is so faithful!!
    My meals have been terrible with daddy traveling. Maybe I'll cook tonight too. (I have been having peanut butter toast for dinner :)) love you, mom

  4. I just looked at your scrapbooking pages. They are awesome!!!! Bring your leaf punch next time you come...please :) mom