Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fun pictures

I took some photos today: One photo of all the food I bought while shopping at Trader Joe's today. I was unpacking it and thought it looked pretty cool so I arranged it nicely. It kind of shows the kind of food we eat, which of course is important information for everyone to know. :)

I also took a photo of all the goodies that I got today while scrapbook shopping! Actually it includes some of the awesome stuff that Renae got me for my birthday. So really its a pile of my new stuff. This photo marks the beginning of a no shopping for scrapbook stuff until 2010! Good luck Renae & Jenn.


  1. great photos!!! Now I'm hungry and wanting to go scrapbook shopping! Can I join you in no more shopping until 2010? I overdid it again! love mom

  2. The challenge is ON! We can do it! hehe.
    I see you got some greek yogurt there - we forgot to hit up TJs on the way out of town, looks good! and are those little smokies I see there?