Friday, June 15, 2012

Project Life

Week of May 20-26

Things to note: I had no SLR camera this week because mine was broken! :( Renae came to the rescue and I copied some of her photos while she was in town. The rest of the photos are phone photos.

The week started out pretty normal. I grabbed a photo at children's meeting playing Duck, Duck, Goose. I also snapped some photos of food, which is my favorite subject. This week we ate Pancakes at my favorite restaurant, Portage Bay. I also took a photo of my caprese salad...basil from my own plant!

The second half of the spread is mostly weekend photos. We had a Christian conference in Bellevue for Memorial Day, so my friend Renae stayed with me (thus the stolen photos!). I also picked up lots of "ephemera" which included a parking reminder, sushi stuff, and a tag from World Market.

Week of May 27-June 2

This week was insert heavy!! I didn't care. Bring on the inserts, I say. The more photos the better!

In the first half of the week, I also didn't have my camera...I didn't get it back until Friday, just in time for our trip to San Juan Island.On the first page you will see an iPhone photo of Matty and I, taken by someone else at a restaurant. I also have the receipt...we went to Maggiano's. In the lower corner I made a photo collage from Renae's pictures, its Hans making all the girls cry! The next photo over is Matty on the roof, as well as the label from my favorite bottle of wine, Toasted Goat.

The front half of the insert has my massage (yay!) notes, business card from the photo shop, and Pippa's 3 month photo!

This next photo shows the back of the insert, which is the beginning of our trip on Friday. I also included a map of San Juan as a second insert. You can see my photo of the farmer's market, as well as the camp cat...reminded us of Flash!

The last page is mostly photos. I had just gotten my camera back and was a little photo crazy! We did some sightseeing on Saturday, including the Alpaca farms and British camp. On the upper right you will see a self timed photo of us reading by the fire...that's really how we spent our evening.

Week of June 3-June 10

Starts in San Juan and ends in Boise!
I always start my week on Sunday, even if I am splitting up a trip. I don't mind.

 I ran a marathon on Sunday! I had to put an instagram in here of my race medal.

We read a funny book over the weekend called "Stuff White People Like." Apparently they like to run marathons, and when they complete said race, they hold their race number over their head triumphantly! Matty and I got a kick out of that book, and that's the inspiration for that top right photo.

Also on this page: A coffee sleeve, embellished with one of Elise's stamps "You're my favorite". A popcorn photo from Les Schwab as I waited for my tires to be done. A photo of our bookshelf, we have quite a collection, now. Finally an instagram of Flash sitting in his usual strange position. I have yet to mount this photo of a nice piece of 4x6 paper...will get done soon!!
 Oh, and here's the back of that first insert. Just another San Juan map...on this one I outlined my race course with highlighter, and then added some race highlights on a 4x3 card.
 Here is the second half of the week! Again there is a second insert. The first one I made by chopping up a 12x12 insert that had 9 4x4 slots. I made some of them narrower to fit a 4x3 card.

These instagrams are all from our road trip on the way to Boise. I included the envelope from the Hotel Key, as well as a coaster from our room. Best Western...yes! The breakfast was indeed amazing.
 Here is the second insert and last page. (getting bored yet? :) ) All instagrams are race photos from Matt's half Ironman. I threw in lots of fun ephemera, including his race sticker for his bike and his race bracelet. I don't let that guy throw anything away!
 On the last page are some general photos of our trip to Boise. The first photo is my expensive and delicious sandwich. (Apparently white people love expensive sandwiches!) The second photo is our friend John and his new girlfriend Aldin. We had a blast with them! Lower left photo is the beautiful swim start....when were completely drenched in rain. Lovely times! The last photo is our Margaritas after the race! Mostly Matty deserved it, but I indulged too! Diet starts tomorrow right? (And it did, don't worry. I have been sugar, flour, alcohol-free for six days now.)
So how's that for a Project Life update? Pretty overwhelming I am sure. I tend to finish these up about three weeks at a time and then I can't help by posting them all at once. Sorry! If you made it to the end, THANK YOU!

I will be back with more excitement soon.


  1. Love to see it! Great on the 6 days sugar free!!! You will feel better SOON :-). Lubm

  2. I always love looking at all your project life pages.! I love the one with all the crying girls ;) Great pictures too!