Thursday, June 28, 2012

The one with the Fremont Photo Walk

Yes it is time for another photo walk!

I had a gap between patients today and decided to wander down the hill to the wonderful neighborhood of Fremont. There are always lots of things to see in Fremont and I really liked using this area for a photo walk.

 (If you click on the collage, it should get bigger)

As I walked I focused on the art of Fremont, mostly being murals and things that were on buildings and walls. There are some other photos included here, mostly pictures of pretty signs or patterns. I also snuck in a photo of my gluten-free muffin that I ate after walking around for forty five minutes. (Don't worry, I also biked 20 miles today, so hopefully that muffin wont contribute to my wasteline.)

This photo walk thing is getting pretty fun. I like having a specific subject in mind when I go out to take pictures.

I just have to remember to bring my big camera so my images will actually be quality!

Better luck next time, Jenn. :)


  1. What a great idea! Looks fun.

  2. I think my favorite pic is the one of the ice cream sign with the cute blue bird. So pretty there. <3

  3. Fremont would be a fun place for a photowalk! Cool pics, love all the fun colors!