Saturday, June 23, 2012

The one with the tiny little swimming update (and lots of food photos)

For all those that are following along closely (ha!) I have now been swimming three days.

I can blow bubbles. I can actually BREATHE with my head under the water. (Not in, of course)

On Wednesday a nice gal at the gym gave me a tip to use the kickboard so that I don't have to use my arms. All I have to do is kick my feet and practice my breathing. One-Two-Three under the water and then take a breath. Repeat on each side. I am working on tipping my head to the side instead of straight up. I still have ALOT to learn. I feel like someone trying to run a marathon that can only run one mile. When it comes to swimming I am SERIOUSLY out of shape. I can swim back and forth and be completely out of breath.

Four weeks to go! Can I swim 400 meters in open water, possible sloshing and freezing? We have yet to see.

 On another note, I have been eating pretty healthy for the last couple of weeks. I have been loving my eggs, spinach and goat cheese every morning:

For lunches I usually eat salads. For dinner I try to cook lots of veggies and eat chicken or chicken sausage.

One of my favorite combinations has been brussels sprouts, broccoli, yellow squash and chicken sausage. The brussels sprouts and broccoli come in bags at Trader Joe's, so I can microwave them to speed up cooking time. (Matt likes this)

I have also been making healthier choices when I eat at other places. In this meal, at Chris and Terry's, the only "bad" thing I ate was this tiny piece of bread that was home made by Donella. She is my favorite bread maker and she tried a new recipe, so of course I had to try. :)

Here is a quick Instagram of my groceries from Trader Joes last weekend. Even the check out lady was impressed by how healthy I eat!

Thanks for reading my healthy update. I am so happy to be doing so well. :)


  1. Wow, you are eating healthy! Way to go Jenn!

  2. Great job! Lifestyle change!!! Healthy long life. :-). Lubm

  3. I just saw a recipe for brussel sprouts that looked amazing and now you've got me wanting to try it out! veggies are the best <3