Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The One where Jenn learns to swim and promptly forgets how to run.

Yes that is right.

I had my first swim lesson today. Matty taught me how to blow bubbles and kick.

This may seem super lame-o, but before I started today I couldn't even put my head in the water without plugging my nose.

Thank you Matty for the nice lesson!!

The rest of the story is that after work today I ran around Green lake and couldn't even make it around the whole lake without stopping to take a quick walk. I blame the LACK OF CARBS!! I have been on a pretty low carb diet now for about 8 days and my running always gets affected.

So what did I do?

Ate a delicious apple and almond butter after my run. Now I feel completely better. :)

Matty says don't eat fruit, but I am sneaking in a little fruit before and after exercising. Without it, I am toast. :)

My triathlon check list is getting complete! I bought a swim suit and tri bike shorts and arranged to borrow a road bike and a wet suit. So all I need to do now is SWIM BIKE RUN! This will be my life for the next five weeks. Its coming up.....!!



  1. Good for you! I'm not good at swimming, have the some trouble, putting my face in the water. Maybe it would be better with goggles...

  2. Great plan! A bit of fruit with some protein is PERFECT fuel! Can't wait to hear the report of your SWIMBIKERUN! :) LUBM