Sunday, August 12, 2012

The one with the Odd Photo Challenge

I took a random photo this week as I was preparing to take enough photos to fill Project Life. Sometimes my SLR just sits around all week, and this week I didn't get it out until Friday! I snapped a few photos of the cats and then this random photo of my messy dresser.

Then I realized that even though my dresser looks messy and awful, the photo really says a lot about me. I "labeled" the photo with text that describes what's in the photo. Fun!

 (If you click on the photo it will get much larger and easier to read)

The challenge is to take a super random photo in your bedroom (before its clean!) and then label it with text. See how much that little photo can say about yourself!!

Or maybe I'm the only one with a messy dresser. I guess a clean dresser can say a lot too. :)


  1. What a great idea! I love that Matt's 'Teeth" imprints are displayed. :) A cute picture. I wouldn't know how to write on it to post. Someday you will have to demonstrate for me. LOVE your bag!

  2. That's cool, that does say a lot about you. Fun idea. I have plenty of messes to photograph. Will have to try this!