Saturday, August 25, 2012

The One with Au Revoir

There are only 11 more hours until I will be leaving my warm comfy bed and heading to the airport! And yes, that means I will be getting up at 4 am!

Tomorrow I will be flying away to Amsterdam and will spend three weeks in Europe. I hope to keep in touch with friends via facebook chat or skype (if I can figure it out). Otherwise I will be completely UNPLUGGED for 3 weeks. Wow. So excited.

Matty and I made a little video tonight about our expectations and excitement about our trip. I think it will be fun to watch that afterwards! I thought it would also be a good idea to write a list of expectations/excitement here on the blog, so that I can see if it all pans out.

1. I am super excited for gelato in Italy. This has been abundantly clear in our house because I have been RESEARCHING like crazy. Apparently there is REAL and FAKE gelato. In Rome, our B&B is nearby the oldest and one of the best gelato places.

2. I am super nervous to ride those crazy trains.

3. I am super nervous to ride on a plane all the way across the Atlantic. Speaking of this, I am so NOT excited about jet lag. Today Matty and I woke up super early (as I will tomorrow) and maybe this will help???

4. I am SO excited for Paris. Even if it rains. I want to eat some real French pastries. And photograph them, of course.

5. The Cinque Terre has completely enchanted me. I have no idea what to expect. So far I am thinking it will be astoundingly beautiful, yet overrun with tourists. I am trying not to have high expectations.

6. I am SUPER nervous to try to speak French and Italian. I am not nervous at all about Amsterdam or Germany because I am just going to let Joy talk and translate!

7. I am so excited to run in each city we visit. I probably will not run daily, but at least one time while we are at each destination.

8. Photography is really exciting me the most.

9. I can't wait to tape things in my journal with washi tape. That's why I brought four rolls, ha! Oh, and I brought my Tim Holtz tiny attacher. That's probably my most random thing I'm bringing to Europe.

10. I plan to climb the Eiffel Tower and take photos from the top. I also plan to photograph it from the ground. I also plan to photograph it at night with all the pretty lights.

11. I simply do not have time to see everything in Rome. I want to see the Colessium, Roman Forum, St. Peter's Basilica, Trevi Fountain and Pantheon.

12. I want to get lost in Venice.

I thought I would leave this wonderful USA with some parting photographs of my favorite little six month old baby that I got to hang out with yesterday! :)
Pippa was delighted to eat a spoon while Ellen and I lunched in Edmonds. I will miss these two while I'm gone!! :(


  1. So exciting! Love that picture of Pippa, she's a cutie! Love seeing your list and what you are excited and apprehensive of. I'm nervous about trying to find my way around as well... Can't wait! Hope you're having fun over there!

  2. Eeee Jenn now you are already over there! I can't believe it! I think of you all day and wonder, "What is she doing now?". I know whatever it is, it is fun an exciting. We are having Matt over tonight so he won't get too lonely :)

    PS: She is also my favorite 6 month old girl haha. We got to hang out last night at the Allens, she is so much fun. Squeezing her baby fat is on par with petting fluffy dogs for me (I know that sounds weird but you know how much I love dogs! I hope Ellen doesn't read

  3. Great post! It's fun to hear how you think! I hope you r doing well! For me jet lab happens most when you return home. If you get lost, make sure somebody finds you! LUBM