Saturday, September 1, 2012

The one I wrote in Germany

I will write quickly because I don't have much time! I am leaving for Paris in the morning, and Joy and I are catching the train in about 5 hours. Of course I still have to paint my nails and watch a tv show with I wont be getting much sleep. :)

OMG! Time has been flying by. I have explored Amsterdam, seen some amazing windmills, eaten a Dutch pancake, ridden on the Autobahn (scary with Joy as the driver), drank lots of coffee, gone grocery shopping in Germany (so fun!), toured an amazing Palace, visited an ancient Castle, roller bladed through the streets of Duesseldorf with thousands of locals, ran 10 miles into the countryside of Germany, and spend quality time with my sister. So much more! I have taken over 700 photos. (Some are repeats...playing with exposure, etc.)

One week has nearly passed and I will head into a different country tomorrow. I am so looking forward to Paris, but also quite nervous about these scary French people I hear about. :)

Oh and I love Germany. Duesseldorf will be hard to beat. (Surprising...yes?)

Photos will come later, but to glance quickly at some photos you can check out my instagram feed on the sidebar. I try to instagram when I get back to Joy's place at night and I have wifi. Who knows if this will continue in France and Italy, but I hope so!

Good Night!


  1. So glad you are having a GREAT time :). Will love to see all your pictures !