Friday, September 28, 2012

The One with all the European coffee

This is my first attempt to share some photos of my recent trip to Europe. Let's start with something small, shall we? 

I will give you a small warning...I am pretty sure this may get repetitive! Its all about the coffee that I drank in Europe, and only now have I discovered how many coffee photos I took! I can't leave any out, right?

So here we go!

My first coffee was at an amazing bar in Amsterdam. A cute cat lived in the bar and I loved that. Joy ordered for me because I was so nervous. (For no reason of course...everyone in Holland speaks English)

I was thrilled that my coffee came with a little cookie! Seriously, these Europeans know how to live.

I took a photo of these great containers at the house we stayed at in Holland:

The second coffee I purchased was black coffee and it came with a little cream, sugar and (again) a cookie. I was thrilled, of course.

Coffee in Germany was quite varied. I tried drip coffee...

A Latte Macchiato:

A Cappuccino:

All came with a little cookie! Joy noticed that the free cookies are smaller in Germany.

On my last day in Germany I was treated with a coffee made from home. One of Joy's friends had us over for breakfast and she made me a cappuccino with a fancy machine. Unfortunately the process was fun, but the taste was pretty bad.
Coffee in France was a bit varied. The first time we ordered coffee, we got espresso:

The next day I ordered a cappuccino and I got one with enormous foam and a bit of chocolate dust!

Another time, I ordered coffee and got drip coffee, but it was really a double espresso, I'm sure. In France, the coffee always comes with sugar cubes! It was interesting putting sugar in my coffee, since I usually just stick to cream or milk.

This photo just shows a shot of Espresso that I recieved with my lunch, which was a sort of egg tart.

One night in Annecy, we ordered dessert (tiramisu!) and I got a delicious cappucino, also with a little chocolate dust.

Coffee in Italy is something else. I must admit that despite trying all kinds of coffee in France (except for French press....couldn't find that anywhere!) we really decided it was not the greatest. But Italian coffee really lives up to its reputation. Its AMAZING.

My first cappuccino was in Milan at the train station. Its a bit of a cheat because it had caramel sauce on top, but I'm not ashamed of was worth it. You can see a peek of that canoli behind it, also a delicious choice.

That same night when we got to Monterosso I had a cappuccino after dinner. Its pretty typical in Europe to finish your dinner with coffee! I don't mind.

The next morning I got another cappuccino with my cream-filled croissant. (I could do another blog post on those!)

Coffee in Venice was more about the experience than the coffee itself. This first photo is of our coffees at San Marco square where we watched the dueling pianos. This tiny drink cost 7 Euro! Oh, and there was a 6 Euro cover charge to just sit there and watch the concert. Maybe not something I would repeat, but it was a fun experience.

This next coffee was at a fancy place near Rialto....another expensive place of course. The furniture and silver trays are fun. This is yet another 6.5 Euro cappuccino.

This last photo was taken in Rome! We sat on the corner of Piazza Navona in the rain and I ordered a coffee with whipped cream. So they brought be a whole cup of it.
 So I will leave it there! That's enough coffee, eh? I have to say, coffee is what I miss most about Europe. We've got our espresso maker out and I'd like to make more cappuccinos. Somehow its just not the same. But I will keep trying!


  1. GREAT STORY! and AWESOME PHOTOS...(My little coffee addict.) I think I am going to go make a pot for myself! :) LUBM

  2. LOVE this!! How cool.. you should make a small book with all your coffee pictures.. for your coffee table.. LOVE THIS!