Sunday, September 16, 2012

I'm Home!!

Woo hoo! I have arrived at home after a three week trip to Europe. It was a blast! After an entire day of travel yesterday, its a little hard to remember the good times. Here is our schedule from yesterday:

6:30 Rush around at our B&B in Rome, last minute packing and making sure our wine we bought in Cinque Terre is tightly packed and safe for the plane.
7:00 take the Metro to train station
7:22 take the Train to the airport
8:00 Arrive 3 hours early for our flight...took about a half hour for security so we had 2+ to spare in the train station!
11:30 leaves for USA....after a slight delay from a medical emergency
10 hour flight!!! At least we had the nice plane with the TVs. I ate a nice lunch of beef and potatoes...actually quite delicious for airplane food. I watched Hunger Games (awesome), Man on a ledge (great), The Lucky One (terrible), two episodes of New Girl, one episode of Sex and the City, several episodes of Arrested Development. My feet were really swollen and I felt completely sick to my stomach and had a terrible headache. I am not meant to sit for 10 hours straight!!!
3:30 PM (N. Carolina time) Arrive in US...Customs!! Not so bad, just long lines. Got our bags and had to recheck! Matt had purchased wine at the Duty Free shop so we had to find a way to shove them into our already full backpacks and recheck our luggage AGAIN. We went through TSA AGAIN.
8:00 PM Plan ride to Seattle. 6 hours!
10:52 Seattle time....Arrive in Seattle and Bob picks us up to take us home. A very long day. We felt sick and completely exhausted.

Now that its after 6am we are up bright and early and ready for coffee and eggs! I just downloaded all our photos and we are going to look at them on the big screen of our TV.

Matty made eggs and bacon (going low carb for a while!) and some coffee and I feel truly at home.


  1. So glad you are home! Also so glad you enjoyed your trip! Xo. Lubm

  2. The actual travel part is something else. Didn't completely realize how long those flights were going to be. Glad you guys got home safe! Looking forward to seeing your Italy pics!