Thursday, August 16, 2012

The one where Matt turns 29

Happy Birthday Matty!!

My cute hubby just entered the last year of his twenties yesterday. We had a little BBQ party for some friends yesterday.

I made my first Paleo chocolate cake!! It turned out okay, but we ate it with ice cream...otherwise it may have been a little dry.

I also made some broccoli salad for Matty, since its his favorite food. Yesterday I cooked in the dark since it was so hot in the house. I failed to really take any photos of the cooking, or the event. That is so unlike me, but also good I suppose because I really enjoyed my day. I love having people over, but its rather rare for us.

I bought Matt a CoolPix camera (that is waterproof and shock proof) so he can join me in my photo taking adventures.

Happy Twenty-Nine, dear hubby!!

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  1. So glad to see you this weekend. So glad you had a great "party" for Matt. We will have to discus this Palio eating sometime.