Friday, August 24, 2012

The One with a Scrapbook Tip

How to turn branding strips into something awesome!!

I am a super saver of all scraps and random nonsense. I simply cannot throw anything away. Now that scrapbooking companies have started making their branding strips super cute, I keep them all!! (Of course.)

I emptied out some packaging that used to old border strips and fill them with all my branding strips. I keep them with my embellishments so that I will use them up!

But of course, I don't. :)

 A couple weeks ago I decided to whip them out and make something awesome. I took some fancy cell phone photos so you can see the lovely process and then the finished page.

Here I show my "little" collection of branding strips. I chose a few that I love and thought went well together. I also showed a photo of the can see these are all just off cuts from a piece of 12x12 pattern paper. I think the companies with the cutest branding strips are Studio Calico and American Crafts.
It was easy! I just taped them all diagonally onto computer paper and then trimmed the excess. 

This little collage shows a little more into my process of making the page. As you can see, I didn't tape the pattern paper strips onto the ENTIRE sheet of computer paper...just planned to cover it up with the photos.

And now the finished page! I also added some Mister Huey on a diagonal line, and sewed on some buttons. Button sewing is not my favorite technique because it is SO time consuming, but at the end I always love the result! I just need to get some more patience!!

Thanks for looking at my little tutorial. I hope to share more scrappy stuff here on the blog in the future, HOWEVER, I am leaving for Europe in just TWO who knows when I will find time to blog!!

(And to Renae...See you in PARIS!!!)

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