Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tim Holtz Tags

I guess its already Day 8 of the 12 days of Christmas and I have only just begun making my tags. Starting last year I started following Tim Holtz website every December...even staying up till midnight until the newest tag is shown!

I made lots of tags are some in progress shots!

I made some tags that were inspired by the Day One and Day Seven.

Here is Tim's Day One tag:

And here are a couple that are inspired by this tag. They are much simpler as I don't have nearly enough supplies to make this exact tag.

Here is Tim's Day Seven tag:

And here is my take....Again much simpler!

I don't have any kraft glassine but I did have some kraft colored tissue paper from Anthropologie! That's what I used to make the holly leaves.

I will be making more tags tomorrow and this weekend so stay tuned!


  1. These are just beautiful Jenn! Nice job!

  2. Looks like fun! I love the snowflakes!

  3. So pretty! Forgot to look while I was there... oops! The snowflakes ones are gorgeous and nice job on using on hand supplies :)