Monday, December 19, 2011

Practicing Photography + Baby + Food photo (Random post!)

I have a new photographing friend! My friend E just got a new Canon SLR and we practicing shooting yesterday with manual mode. I am still super rusty, so its great to have someone to teach and then re-learn myself. She has great lighting in her house and fun antiques to take pictures of!

(E, you need to change your chalkboard!) :)

Isn't this just the cutest typewriter?

She just turned 25 yesterday so I made her a little scrapbook. I took some pictures of it before I gave it to her and she said it was okay if I posted them up here. It was a fun book to make and I'd like to make more for other friends.

That's not all the pages, but I thought I would share a few.

Since this post is already long, I will post a photo of a cute little baby girl that is new to our lives since Friday...

I am so excited!!!

To finish up I will just post a quick photo of my dinner. I'm healthy again! I made veggie soup after my two hour work out and am eating it at 10:15pm!

Good night everyone! Happy Monday!


  1. You look pretty cute holding that baby Jenn....... I will say no more!

    Great pics!

  2. That is so fun that you are loving photography! Fun to make books. It looks perfect. Thanksgiving everyday is awesome....tell E she should keep that up year round! :). By the way you look like the perfect mother with that darling girl!

  3. Love those pictures! We've been busy, kitchen is finally painted. Pictures soon!