Monday, December 5, 2011

The cake!

I have never made a layer cake before, much less a four layer cake! I made strawberry and lemon layers so the cake would be a pretty color. I got some ideas on Pinterest that inspired the cake topper.

The cake did not start out very pretty. I cut the top off each layer so that they would stack better:

I had to use an entire can of frosting just to attach the layers and fill in the sides. As I did this, the cake got uglier!

Then I frosted the outside and added some pink sprinkles! This is when I fell in love with this cake! I had to use toothpicks and saran to cover the cake because it was too tall for any lid to fit over it.

I made a little girl clothesline as a cake topper:

And here is the cake as I started cutting it (bad lighting aside!)

Thanks for reading all about my beautiful cake. Now all I need to do is make a Paleo cake! There may be one in the works for a party on Friday....


  1. It's lovely and perfect for a baby girl! I LOVE the Clothsline! Did you use a stamp set ? ( Just think how many babies we are going to get to cuddle!)

  2. Very nice! Love how you used pink and yellow cake for the actual layers! Looks great!