Friday, December 16, 2011


I had a wonderful birthday!

I guess I am now of the age that I will have to start lying about my age. Ha!

Every year I want to go to a restaurant that lights a candle for you on your birthday. There is just something about that candle...

Although I ate well most of the day, I indulged guilt-free into that lava cake from Bahama Breeze. Its "to die for" as Matt would say.

We met our good friends Heather and Phil for a relaxing dinner. It was pretty awesome to see them on a Tuesday night.

The people at my office forgot about my birthday which was actually kind of awesome because I got a second birthday celebration on the 14th. My boss bought me my first orchid. I took a photo and sent her this as a thank you:

Here's to another awesome year!

Hopefully I wont see any wrinkles or grey hair anytime soon!


  1. Lovely flowers....did you take that photo? Beautiful card. So glad you had a wonderful day. Wrinkles and grey hair are so awesome when they come. They are well deserved and show a life well lived. :). A friend of mine told me they are a map of life...sort of like a scrap book :). :)!

  2. Yes, Mom, I took that picture. I used my new lens! :)

  3. Nice photo! and neat way to make a thank you "card". Glad you had a good birthday! You actually had 3 B-Day celebrations if you include the one from when I was in town ;)