Sunday, December 11, 2011

I've always been a scrapbooker

For about five years now I have been looking for my old scrapbook that I kept from middle school through high school. I didn't put many photos in there, but I did save just about every bit of memorabilia I could think of and tape it in my book.

Today my heart completely broke because I FOUND THE BOOK! But it was completely destroyed.

It had been in my basement storage unit for these past four and half years. It was in a completely random box and I have searched in the storage unit before but never found it. Today I decided to clean out the unit and give things away. I found one or two boxes that had lots of water damage and decided to throw them away. Inside was my scrapbook!

I still haven't decided what to do with it. Most of it is destroyed but there are still memories in that book. Today I went through it and photographed it, at least what was left of it. High school was mostly preserved (photos aside) and it was really sixth and seventh grade that are completely unreadable.

What I most loved to see was all the doodles! I usually doodled in my school books and then at the end of the year I would cut them out and put them in my scrapbook.

(Apparently gel pen is pretty water proof! I'm glad I used those all the time in middle school.)

I also loved seeing my school schedules and homework assignments.

Some bits of history made me laugh. For instance I made fun of "health food:"

Some items really capture time:

I was quite the artist:

Some things I saved were quite ridiculous!

(I'm pretty sure that foil cap is from the milk that Mom would bring to every track meet. She would bring lots of exotic flavors)

And here are a couple of favorites:

Even though the book is destroyed, I am glad I found it! Photographing these pages brought back so many memories. Now I have them digitally!


  1. So sorry for the destruction! So glad you got it out. Great idea to photograph!! For those who use products that are not acid free, you will see alot of damage as well in that short amount of time. I am so glad your new scrapbooking is going to be safe. At least without a fire:)...good old you. Mom

  2. That's so sad! but at least you found it before it was all completely ruined. Taking pictures was a great idea to preserve some of the memories!