Monday, December 12, 2011

Chocolate Fountain + New camera lens!!!

This weekend was crazy and full! Some friends were in town and we had a little party on Friday night. I broke out my chocolate fountain! I bought lots of yummy cookies from Trader Joe's that I ended up eating throughout the weekend. Oops!

Saturday night was Christmas party for Matt's work. Again, I brought my fountain. Even though there was a slight hiccup involving the host not having a microwave, it was a big hit! The little kids had chocolate all over them.

As my white elephant gift at the party, I got a CD of Glee Christmas music. That's what I've been listening to this weekend. Its been festive and fun.

Last night before my friends left town, we got to do some fun scrapbooking! We watched Die Hard 2 as we scrapbooked. I am always a fan of these adventure movies, no matter how many times I watch them.

Overall I nice weekend! Before I sign off I must mention my new camera lens! Its a 35mm 1.8. I love it!

And I only have 25 hours left of being 25!!! I feel so old!


  1. Now I get to wish you HAPPY Birthday on your actual birthday!! :) (...and hey, 26 isn't so old) Had a fun time visiting you this weekend!

  2. :) very very old. 26 is the age I was when I got pregnant with YOU! ;)