Sunday, January 24, 2010

Weekend update

Awesome Ellen has allowed me to use her computer. However, I am being entirely rude by using it at her house while there are lots of people over, so I had better make this short!

For all you that asked about the computer, we got it on and it is an HP. It is 17.3 inches wide. That is all I know. I also got an external hard drive which is Peter is loading with all my stuff from my previous dead computer.

My running has been brought to a swift halt with my present state of being infected by a virus. Yes folks, I am sick. I hate being sick. All I do is blow my nose, sanitize my hands, drink water, take Zycam, and lay around. I tried to do some weights while I watched Star Trek this afternoon, but that didn't last long. I am SO BUMMED OUT!!! I really want to do great on this race coming up, but so far I have been SLACKING.

On a brighter note...I lost a pound this week!!! YAY! And Now I will bring to an end all this rudeness and get off la computadora. But one more thing...I finished my book Pride & Prejudice which was awesome!


  1. So sorry you are sick! Eat Jesus and you will definitely feel better!:) I like the pretty green dot background on your blog. My favorite colors so far. Teal and now green. So pretty! Hope you feel better soon. lubm

  2. Was it your dell that broke? I had the same one not too long ago, yours lasted much longer than mine I think =) Also, great book choice. Jane Austin is an amazing author. I keep telling James that since he loves to read so much. Anyways, feel better soon!

  3. Yes, it was my poor dell. It has been going strong for over 5 years so I guess its death was timely. However I would have liked to already have a new computer when it decided to croak!

    And yes, Jane Austin is awesome. I am going to read Emma next.

    Thanks for the well wishes! -Jenn

  4. I'll read Emma too! I haven't read it yet. But I fully intend to finish all the Jane Austin books. I have them all in E-books.

    17.3 huh? Nice. What operating system? Good for watching stuff, but a little to large to be portable. How much does it weigh?