Saturday, January 2, 2010

A few thoughts...

1) This blog is pretty silly, why do I write here?
2) I am in Spokane and I miss Seattle.
3) I miss my kitty Leo.
4) I miss my sis & bro in law.
5) This is the first year that I am not looking forward to the gingerbread party.
6) I also miss Joy.
7) I like chatting with my parents.
8) I like sneaking into North Park.
9) I am having a hard time liking my life or myself right now.
10) This is the first year I don't have any resolutions.

Sorry to be so gloomy.
Tomorrow will be a better day.


  1. We'll have fun at the gingerbread party... I just know it. Then we can have a "real" party at my house since I won't have to work!! Yippee!

  2. I am loving having you here!!! Resolutions don't work. They push the wrong button in our being. Just Enjoy Him!!! He works :) :) lubm

  3. You can have the same resolution as me if you is to never eat when I am not hungry.

    And thanks for saying you missed me in your blog. That made me happy. I miss you too!