Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lazy Thursday

On Thursdays I don't go to work until 12. I usually go to the gym at 7 and work out for an hour. So this means from 8-11 or so I am extremely lazy! I usually drink some coffee and have some breakfast. And then I sit at the computer and look at things like facebook or other people's blogs. My goal for this morning is to get off the computer by 9 am and do something productive with my day!

Just a few updates from the week...
1) Matt and I have been cooking lots of meat & veggies for dinners this week. We have been very healthy!
2) Because its raining so hard over here we have both been gym rats this week.
3) Taking a picture a day is getting quite hard. Yesterday I took a photo of my cats getting high on cat nip because I had forgotten until the end of the day!
4) I have run out of photos to scrapbook. I hate it when that happens.
5) We figured out a way to watch Star Trek original series remastered on Hulu. The picture looks amazing! Its so weird that they don't have comm badges or replicators.

So here is my cats getting high on cat nip. Leo just sat in this position for several minutes. He didn't move a muscle.


  1. I actually had to take a picture of myself to get a picture for the day! It is hard but it documents your daily life pretty clearly. I love it. I hope to see you this weekend, that will give me a great few days of pictures :).lum

  2. Jenn you nerd. My kitty is cuter... he just got neutered yesterday and he hasn't stopped purring since we brought him home.

    Live long and prosper! V