Monday, January 18, 2010

Quick Post

I am writing this from Hannah's teeny tiny computer because mine is out of commission at the moment. It keeps freezing! It will stay of for about ten minutes and then will completely freeze and not work and you have to turn it off. Bummer!

We had a fun weekend in Spokompton. It was a really busy weekend and we visited a TON of people. It was a blast running 7.3 miles with Rachel on the Centennial trail. I got to see a couple new babies and hang out with some crazy kids. We also had several girl nights at Renae's and we even went on a midnight walk. Fun stuff! I didn't get to see Renae that much, which is SAD. :( Next time, Renae, I am going to stay with you so I can see you more.

But now I am back to real life, which is computer-less and movie-less (I have to use the computer to print out the movie coupon.) So I am chilling with P & H and waiting for Matt to get home.


  1. Your momma might not let you stay with Renae :). If we only had that kind of control! It was good to see you while you stayed at my house! :). I do love your visits. lubm

  2. Hey Jenn! Josie and I are going to get memberships to Snap Fitness. The Rec Center is too crowded, and both of us don't like being there in that environment, and Snap Fitness is right across the street, so we're going to work out there. I'm so going to get fit again! :)

  3. computerless...that sounds like a terrible form of torture.