Sunday, January 10, 2010

10 (long winded) reasons that Seattle is a great city

1. It is nice enough year round to always be able to exercise outside. Today I went running in the 55 degree weather, mid January!
2. Coffee is delicious and plentiful. Espresso of any kind can be found only minutes away.
3. There are many Ethnic food restaurants that are AMAZING; our favorites are Korean food, the authentic taco place and Taste of India.
4. It is so scenic! On a clear day you can see gorgeous mountains in every direction.
5. It is close to so many out door activities, including lots of skiing choices and endless hiking and camping opportunities.
6. There is fluoride in the water! :)
7. People here seem to value exercise. Especially at Green lake (where we are a lot) there are always people jogging or walking, and in general every one looks fit.
8. Trader Joe's is here! Which is my favorite store!
9. The church in Seattle is great, lots of awesome and enjoyable saints.
10. Matt and Jenn live here. And we are incredible people; definitely worth living close to. ;)


  1. I love it!! It sounds like a great place to call home! I think even with just points 9 and 10, It's a great place to live. The other points are frosting on the cake. (yummy). lubm

  2. Pro #7 personally....
    I think Americans (or maybe only Washingtonians) value exercise more than Europeans. Or at least the appearance of it.

  3. Well, Joy, aren't Europeans less fat? Maybe they just eat less than Americans do. Most people that I know here in Seattle (including the patients I have) seem to have some sort of exercise routine that they stick to. Its nice!

  4. Ummm... Seattle definitely has some tasty food. Can't wait til Paseo's opens back up...

  5. Well, Germany is the fattest country in Europe, what with all the beer and sausage, and depending on where you look, the US is listed as the 3rd to 11th fattest nation.


    10 reasons Pullman is a great city:

    1. 60-75% of the population leaves for about 4 months out of the year, leaving a peaceful serene environment not easily found.

    2. Hills provide ample opportunity for exercise.

    3. The wheat fields are beautiful when they are green and ripe, brown and ready for harvest, or white with snow.

    4. You can cross town by car in ten minutes.

    5. The home meeting centered church life is very sweet and caring.

    6. A great education is available at world class WSU (for those who chose to actually study and take advantage of it)

    7. The small town feel means less traffic and less business than bigger cities.

    8. It is the Lentil Capital of the World.

    9. The trail to Moscow provides excellent dog-walking, biking, walking, and other exercise opportunities

    10. James and Josie live here! ^__^

  6. James, I think Pullman is a great home for you! I also think Joy's new home in Germany is awesome for her! It is wonderful to love where you live. It is also good to have our "tent" ready to go when needed. LUBM