Friday, July 27, 2012

The One with the Triathlon

Its been nearly a week since I returned from Chelan!

Life has been a bit crazy, so I apologize for lack of blogging. In the past four days I have hardly been home at all, thanks to two movie theater excursions, spending time with family in Auburn, and getting to see my baby friend Pippa. Tomorrow we are headed to Bellingham for a bike ride. Fun stuff! But CRAZY busy. Needless to say, I haven't been cooking a ton or eating all that healthy either. Oops!

Back to Chelan.

Yes, I did complete my triathlon! The bad news first....I felt sad for my poor swimming teacher who put so much time into me....I completely forgot how to swim! The morning of the race I warmed up with my cousin and could swim quite well. In fact, she said I had an excellent stroke. But as soon as the race started, I began to hyperventilate. So of course breathing under water was out of the question. I ended up doing most of the swim on my back, doing the backstroke. I also did a little breast stroke and a tiny bit of crawl when I could get my breathing under control.

When I got out of the water my adrenalin was rushing like crazy and I just BOOKED it. My transition was fast. I started out on my bike super quick and passed everyone in sight. Eventually my hand went numb (poor bike fit...I'm borrowing it) but I still pressed on. I said "passing on your left" over and over. When I got back to transition I was completely zonked. TOTALLY exhausted because I had just pretty much sprinted for 13 miles. Still, I tried to run as fast as possible. I kept telling myself that I was a runner and I sure wasn't going to lose on the run. After about half mile I felt much better and started passing people again. Eventually I finished in second place! There were a few guys ahead of me, but I was second in my age group....I think 11th overall once all the heats finished.

Needless to say, I was super excited! My first triathlon was a success! I still have lots to learn on the swim, but at least I didn't die, and I ended the race well. That's all that matters.

I just wanted to give you a little 30 before 30 update. Here is the complete blog post of all the things I wish to accomplish by the time I'm 30. I just have a little more than 3 years!

So far I have:
10) Run a Marathon
14) Mini Sprint Triathlon
19) Learn to Really Swim.

Its been a pretty active summer so far. :)