Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy Anniversary to Me

Yesterday was our 5 year anniversary of moving to Seattle.

We moved on July 2nd, 2007.

The day after I got lasik surgery so I didn't have to help move. Also the day after I received my final board results in the mail. Woo hoo, I had passed! I was an RDH now!

Here we are saying good bye to that little apartment.

We lived on 6320 Calispel for nine months as a married couple. I had lived there a year longer with some friends. It seemed at the time that we had been married SO LONG and lived there forever.

And now its been 5 years at our new place here in Seattle. It seems like just yesterday.

All our stuff crammed in a moving van, we headed to Seattle. And now its been FIVE YEARS.

So much has changed in these past few years and yet so much is still the same. We live in the same condo. I have the same job. We have the same two cats (albiet older and crazier). I hope these next five years will be fabulous!! Thanks for letting me share a bit of VanEenoo history. :)


  1. 5 years! Amazing. That is neat that you have such a great memory...and great photos of that memory!!! Yeah scrapbooking and photo memory keeping. Great post! LUBM

  2. Your pics must be really organized!! Hard to believe its been that long...