Sunday, July 1, 2012

The one with the Guppy

Yesterday we had a little adventure. On the way to our family reunion we stopped at Boeing Field for a view of the Super Guppy landing. It was awesome and massive! My sister in law Hannah is really into plane-stuff and she had been tracking it all week. I am so glad we had the opportunity to see it land! I'm pretty sure its the biggest plane I will ever see.

 Even the Engineers in that train stopped and watched. There was quite the crowd outside the fence at Boeing Field.

 After the plane buzzed by it flew a loop back to Lake Washington and finally landed right outside the Air & Space museum. It looked so massive next to the museum and all the other planes.
Thank you Hannah for convincing us to go on this little adventure!!


  1. whoe...what a HUGE PLANE! That is so neat you got to see it! (I wouldn't trust it to add to its weight as a passenger!) :) LUBM

  2. Wow, thats crazy huge! Fun adventure!