Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Health Update

I have been working on my health for about a week now, and honestly I can say it was a very soft start. Sometimes its hard to quit eating junk food RIGHT AWAY, especially when there are thin mints involved.

Last week I started food journaling. But I ended up eating girl scout cookies almost daily and eating some ice cream on Thursday night. I just wrote down what I ate, and didn't pay attention to the calories. My weekend was spent cooking for a church retreat and I ended up eating WAY TO MUCH food.

See? Here I am eating delicious cheesecake with berries and cool whip. NOT a smart choice.

So now I start again.

This week I went to Costco and Trader Joe's and spent the big bucks buying healthy food. I precooked healthy food for the week, such as chicken breast and hard boiled eggs. I bought LOTS of veggies that would be easy to add them to salads.

My fridge is now packed with healthy foods! (and looks like it needs some organizing! We don't use the bottom two drawers because then we forget about our veggies and they go bad!)

Starting yesterday I counted calories again, something I haven't done for over 6 months. I truly, truly hate counting calories, but it is honestly the only way I have ever lost weight. Sad! Yesterday my calories were 1695 and I did one hour of exercise (spin class/weights).

Today so far my calories have been great and I did an hour of exercise.

I made myself an awesome salad this morning for my lunch and I just had to photograph it! Its so handy having healthy food available! I love those mini oil and vinegars. I got them last year at the Seattle marathon in my goody bag and I keep refilling them.

Today I have been snacking on healthy things like almonds and an orange. I have been trying to pare fruits and nuts together.

Tonight I took a cell photo at the gym...just for fun. I did the Step Mill for 20 minutes after 30 minutes elliptical, which is my cross training work out (running tomorrow). It was actually pretty hard and now I feel exhausted!
So far I'm doing well. Can't wait to continue this healthy way of life and hopefully shed a few pounds!!! See you later. :)


  1. Love your "log" of your progress. Great photos, great smile! Lubm

  2. You look so darling eating that cheesecake! :) Don't worry too much, you always look great and are an inspiration to me with all your hard core running etc...Love those oil and vinegars, what a great idea! I might have to do that too!
    Have a wonderful day Jenn!

  3. I love the mini oil and vinegar too, thats a great idea!!