Sunday, March 25, 2012

Project Life Week 10

This week was three weeks ago! To summarize, my week was full of girl scout cookies, using my new instax camera and taking photos of new flowers arriving at Green Lake.

I just love the little note I got with my two boxes of thin mints. How cute! I had to include it. I also grabbed a photo of my crazy expensive tiramisu from Palominos.
It was fun using my Fujifilm instax to take some random photos around the house this week.
I added part of the thin mints box since it was such a big deal this week. I also put that photo in of Amy and Orlando because she sent it to me. The other box has the key tag to my car and a little reciept with the battery test....just love it when the car needs work!I keep recording my daily work outs on a little card each week. This week I added a note from my mom from a Starbucks gift card that she sent me.

Thanks for looking! Not very exciting scrapbook wise...mostly just photos and writing. I did sprinkle a few Martha Stewart products throughout! Can't live without those. ;)


  1. Look at those daffodils!! We had snow all week last week. Most of it melted. Come spring come!!! Glad you got your project life caught up.

  2. Love your daffodil photo and the yellow Martha tag! So springy! Wish my daffodils were up! - Love the little instax pics, they're so fun!