Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weeks 11 and 12 (caught up!)


In summary: lots of cooking and health food this week. Lattes! Lots of visiting Pippa. Saint Patrick's Day! James and Josie visited me!

I added a gas receipt this week because I paid FOUR DOLLARS! Ah!

Pippa is so cute at three weeks old!

I also added my ferry ticket from Whidbey Island back to Seattle.
James and Josie visited me and stayed two nights! I cooked for them a bunch, and even broke out the old espresso maker to make lattes. I hope to start using that more often again. I french braided Josie's hair on Thursday night, so of course I added a photo. :)In the last slot I put a white and green striped paper and wrote on it diagonally. I LOVE that technique and I learned it from Elise Blaha. I thought the color was fitting and I had a lot to say about our St. Patty's day, so that pattern paper was very fitting.


This week was nearly the opposite of last week, in that instead of cooking and eating healthy, we went out for most of our meals and ate TERRIBLE! It was a lot of fun and I took a lot of cell photos. I added a baseball card page protector in the center to place all my extra photos and a few business cards.

In the first slot I added a "Fabulous" journal card that I got from Renae. Its from a Smash pad. Isn't that photo with the latte and pastry amazing? Just look what they did to that powdered sugar!
Here is the back of that baseball card page protector. Unfortunately the photos aren't very bright or exciting, so it really doesn't add much color to the spread....but I guess it tells the story!
This whole page is about Saturday in Ephrata. I took a lot of photos and had lots to say!


  1. Looks like a fun trip to Ephrata! I like the diagonal journaling idea too!
    - Renae

  2. Love it! Go PL! Glad you go to see our friends in Euphrata! Love those kids. I love the photo with you and N. so darling. Glad you got caught up!