Friday, March 16, 2012

Crazy week

Here I am eating Irish Soda bread (don't worry...counting these calories!), watching Crossing Jordan on Netflix, and uploading photos from my week!

Its been a little nuts around here.

Over the weekend Matty and I were on Whidbey Island cooking for a high school church retreat.

We stopped for a little clam chowder and fish and chips on our way...
It was a fun and different experience cooking in an industrial kitchen! I got to use an enormous mixer to make biscuits...
The photos I took were few over the weekend, but I did manage to capture a few fun details. The first photo is a blurry shot in the reflection of the window, just shows what the kitchen looks like. The people around me were like "what is this crazy person doing taking a photo out of the dark window?" Ha. ;)
(See that awesome cheesecake and Martinelli's? We got to have some too. :) I guess you saw that other photos. :) )

We had so much fun at the retreat, but we were crazy tired when we got home. The time change has completely NOT helped.

We got to see Pippa a couple of times. She is sure cute. 4 weeks old today!

James and Josie visited this week! It was super fun to have them around! I loved cooking lots of meals at home and we sat at the table to eat...something rare in our house.

I made carna asada and pica de gallo...Matt's favorite meal. He gobbed it up. ;)

I got the chance to break out the old espresso maker and made lattes for my bro and sis. I am totally going to use that more often.

We went over to Josh and Ellen's and James got to hold Pippa for the first time. He looked so cute with a little baby!
We finished up the evening last night with a fun fairy tale show and I braided Josie's hair...a good way to end their visit.

Well those were all the juicy details of my week! Not exactly the most exciting in the world, but its been fun and definitely busy. I am so glad J and J are back in Washington!

Happy almost St. Patty's Day!


  1. Great shots! Encourage your brother to shave before his job interview! I will txt him! :) ( just good ole mom advice...just what you all love!). I am so glad you got to see them and visit! Great meal! Glad you got to go to the retreat. Serving is awesome! Lubm

  2. All your food is making me hungry!