Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I guess life has been so routine lately that I haven't had much to write about! I usually post fun photos from the weekend, but what if you just hang out and don't do anything?

We have been trying to save money. Trying, trying, trying. We are writing down everything that we spend money on and of course doing our best to eliminate the extra stuff.

I am also doing my best to eat healthy again. Not really sure what this is going to mean for me for the long term, because being completely Primal girl doesn't seem to work for me. I seem to do better mood-wise and weight-wise when I can have a little greek yogurt or cheese or oatmeal. But for the most part I am sticking to Paleo principles, at least during the work week.

On the weekend, it may be a different story. (Remember the SUGAR weekend? Yeah, that happens. Although this last weekend was not so bad!)

I'm back to running! 6 miles yesterday, and the previous weeks I have ran 5.6 miles (twice Green lake) a couple of times each week. So far, no pain! I am really trying to train SLOWLY this time around so that I don't blow up my hamstring and can't run for months. I am NICER when I run! I think my husband needs it.

Still drinking black coffee. Still craving chocolate.

Still annoyed by two crying cats at 6:00 who try to get my attention by knocking over my tablet and books from my bedside table.

So yes, life is very routine and sometimes not super exciting. I will work on taking more photos (that's been lacking) and posting more exciting stories. I will just have to find something to do that's FREE! Any suggestions are welcome!

Happy Tuesday. :)


  1. Scrap book totally using up your stash! That is something I hope to do! ( I wont start for another year or so as I love getting kits in the mail. ;)!) Just think how creative you can be not having much else to choose from. When you come see me you could make up a kit or two using my stash! Also, I love doing nothing having a low key life. ENJOY! Lubm

  2. Another free thing...have your mother over to help you organize, declutter, and other needed tasks. She will love doing it with you! It might cost you a Palio cookie.

  3. Hmmm... free is hard. You can always go to parks, or go people watching - plenty of that it Seattle :)

  4. After some internet surfing... here is answer #2


    1. Seattle Art Museum
    Is free on the first Thursday of each month and includes a collection of modern and contemporary art along with art from a broad array of cultures.
    4. Olympic Sculpture Park
    This park has contemporary art work. It is free all days of the week. (Go and take pictures of the weird art)
    28. MaryMoor Park
    This is a 640 acre park with attractions spanning from Rock climbing on a wall (bouldering for those who have no experience) and fields to play sports like cricket. Also check out the velodrome there.

    1. Immerse yourself in the huge sound of the Seattle Symphony's 26-foot (eight-meter) tall, 4,490-pipe Watjen concert organ in Benaroya Hall at one of the symphony's free recitals, held Mondays at 12:30 p.m. on a bimonthly basis and performed by the symphony's resident organist Joseph Adam. Or, take a public tour of Benaroya Hall every Tuesday and Friday (and following Watjen concert organ recitals) at noon and 1 p.m
    2. Catch a lunchtime concert at City Hall every first and third Thursday. The series' Seattle-area performers range in genre from world music to big bands, folk, and jazz.
    3. Browse edgy indie crafts and functional art at I Heart Rummage, a craft fair with an alternative flair held the first Sunday of most months at Belltown's Crocodile Café. Might get some good inspiration...
    4. Ride the 35-minute ferry trip across Puget Sound to Bainbridge Island Vineyards and Winery, a family-run operation that's the only Seattle-area winery to grow all its own grapes on location. Sundays at 2 p.m., a free guided tour explores the picturesque vineyard.
    5.Fifteen miles (24 kilometers) northeast of Seattle, Chateau Ste. Michelle's wine tour teaches about the Columbia Valley grape-growing region and concludes with a wine sampling, free of charge. Nearby, Columbia Winery guides visitors through its cellar, departing daily from its wine shop.
    6.Founded in 1927 by a Japanese immigrant, 20-acre (eight-hectare) Kubota Garden has since achieved landmark status and continues as a tranquil retreat in Rainier Beach.

    Lincoln Park in West Seattle - Walking trails. Rocky beaches that are great for critter observation during low tides. Reservable BBQ's and picnic areas. Grassy fields for baseball, softball and/or soccer. TWO playgrounds (one at the north end of the park, the other at the south end). A really cool zip-line. A giant wading pool for the little kids. The Coleman pool (the only salt-water swimming pool in Seattle I believe). Great views. Bald Eagles, owls & Osprey regularly nest here. Trees that tower above your head and provide much needed shade on sunny days. Dog friendly, as long as your furry friends are on a leash and you pick up their poop!

  5. Wow, Thanks Renae! This is an amazing list!