Sunday, January 15, 2012

My weekend

If I could sum up my weekend in one word it would be this:


It all started on Friday night with a trip to REI and some delicious Chukar Cherries. Then the sugar eating continued throughout the entire weekend!

Highlights of Friday night were a beautiful sunset and getting to see Peter and Hannah, if only for a little while. I bought her this cute hat at REI:

(these are phone photos...made into a collage for my Project Life book)On Saturday night we had a little surprise party for Josh since he's turning 30 next month. Of course there were donuts galore and I ate some!
I mostly spent all day with Ellen preparing for the party (and as I've mentioned, eating sugar!) The boys got home a little early so it was pretty hard to get ready for the surprise party. Here they are taking a quick teaser...

I love how Ellen can balance a coffee cup on her cute belly!
We had to send the boys to the store to get them out of the house. So then they bought TONS of food even though we already had pizza ordered! Silly boys. :)

Most of my party photos didn't turn out because my ISO was set at 200 and they were blurry. Darn!

I made the banner and Ellen wrote on the chalkboard.

On Sunday we woke up to SNOW on the ground! This made me very, very happy! :)
We went to Josh and Ellen's to eat up some of the food that the boys purchased the night before. We ate yummy fajitas and more donuts.
I took some pregnancy photos of Ellen while the snow fell outside.
Then we relaxed in front of the fire and chatted for several hours! It was fun, but I also ate some ice cream and pecan sandies...don't really feel very well after eating all this SUGAR!
Well that was my weekend. How exciting it has been!