Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Crazy Crazy

Thought I would do a quick post since things that been so busy around here and I haven't had much time to share any photos. Here are a few updates:

1.) Paleo no more! Actually I am mostly sticking to the concepts, but adding back a few things such as oatmeal and quinoa. Just an experiment! Yesterday I ate raw oatmeal with Greek yogurt for breakfast (an old favorite) and it kept me full for 7 hours! I am back to recording my calories on my phone...something I HATE, but hey, it works. So there we go.

2.) Running is progressing slowly. I can still run pretty quick on the treadmill but haven't gone longer than 4 miles at a time. I'm REALLY trying to stay healthy so I can run the Mercer Island half marathon in March that I already signed up for.

3.) Today I did a baby photo shoot of Brooke and her brother Andrew. I was less than excited about the results, but it was great practice! The photos were properly exposed and lighting was good...the subjects were just a little difficult. Darn! I guess child photography is pretty hard!

4.) Spent Saturday and Sunday in Spokane. Made lots of lattes for some friends and ate lots of Starbucks cookies.

5.) Tonight I am making home made soup out of random stuff from the fridge, cupboard and freezer. I love using up old stuff!

6.) I am still working on Project Life and I so far I still love it. I will post last weeks layout as soon as I get some photos printed and put in there.

That's all for now!
Hopefully a more exciting post with pretty pictures is on its way!



  1. Loved my latte you made for me! So fun to see you!

  2. So glad you love project life. When your life gets even busier with babies, you will love knowing this system so you can record some great memories. I want a latte too! Lubm

  3. hope i didnt kill the paleo diet... had fun with you last weekend!