Saturday, January 7, 2012

My updated 27 before 27 list

I have completed a few of the things on the list and I have made them Bold. I only have a year left! Tonight Renae and I were making 30 before 30 lists and I searched through my blog to find this list for I pretty much have nearly 40 goals before 30...that wasn't supposed to happen!

Soon I will post my 30 before 30 as soon as I complete it!

1. Travel outside the U.S.
2. Learn to play the guitar.
3. Learn how to speak Spanish.
4. Be happy with my body.
5. Pay off my student loans.
6. Organize all my scrapbooks.
7. Make a new friend.
8. Read the Bible more.
9. Visit all the counties in Washington. (Yes, I know, a silly goal. :) )
10. Learn how to run barefoot.
11. Do chin ups and pull ups more easily.
12. Write more. Write some poetry.
13. Bike around Mercer Island.
14. Paint pottery.
15. Complete a mountain bike race (maybe a beginner one!)
16. Learn how to swim.
17. Have a picnic with Matt.
18. Randomly try a new restaurant.
19. Paint my kitchen (hopefully!)
20. Learn how to get enough sleep.
21. Make my house look cute.
22. Visit Cannon Beach again.
23. Stay on top of my health and nutrition.
24. Drink more tea.
25. Go unplugged for one week (no internet!)
26. Spend a weekend in a cabin.
27. Go to a play or musical.

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